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1.5" Cassie lip balm topper 
Sculpted for Cosrich.
 2" Hershey's candy cane topper. Sculpted for b. little + company.
3.25" Cow and Chicken squirter for Subway kids meal, Sculpted for b.little + company
3" Casper and Friends Squirters for Burger King. Sculpted for Equity Marketing. 
3" Powerpuff Girls premium toys for Taco Bell. Sculpted for b.little + company. 
3.5"  The Mummy movie premium toy for Taco Bell kid's meal, Sculpted for 
b. little + company. 
1.5" Marvin the Martian clip board for Burger King. Sculpted for b.little + company.
Jennifer Priebe Ward has 10 years of experience in the art of commercial sculpting, and has hand sculpted many tooling models for mass produced toys, collectibles  and promotional items. Sculpts are generally done in clay, refined in wax and cast into a resin tooling model. Manufacturing requirements are highly considered in bringing the highest level of detail to your project!
8" Shaggy 2 Dope action figure for Insane Clown Posse. Sculpted for Psychopathic Records.
3"  The King and I premium toy for Subway.  Sculpted for b.little + company.
6" American Girl school lunch doll accessory. Sculpted and painted for Pleasant Doll Company.
6" Godzilla shampoo hugger.  Sculpted for Cosrich.
2" American Girl doll accessory. Sculpted and painted for Pleasant Doll Company.
10" Clown bank. Sculpted and painted for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.
8" Dragon Tales shampoo bottle and figure. Sculpted for Cosrich Group. 
1.5" Avon marker caps.
3" M&M's candy cane topper sculpted for b.little + company.