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Product Design
Product designs can be rendered according to your needs. 

Jennifer has many years of experience designing for hard and soft goods, working with licensed properties,
and an understanding of many molding and fabricating processes used by manufacturers.

 Scaled drawings with specs and color call outs can be provided. If needed, she will work directly with manufacturers
to develop the perfect design for your product idea that will come out as expected in production.

Here are several examples of product designs and some of their resulting products.

Many additional product designs available for license. Please contact [email protected] to see concepts for license 

Please click on images and links for more details!
Original interpretations of “pre-school” DC and Marvel characters by Jennifer Priebe. 
Designed for light-up animated pillows(see Plush Toys for samples). Digital renderings for iStar Entertainment.
Crayon box design of graphics for iScholar.
Snuggie Tails plush blanket preliminary concept designs. Jennifer designed and sewed all protos used in this commerical. Please click to
 see more information and the finished prototypes used on the commercial and website.
Layette gift collection in organic cotton designed for Bears for Humanity. All graphic design patterns created by Jennifer Priebe.

MyPadimals are tablet holding pillows by SAS Group. I drew the 
below designs for them. Here is a fun commercial and some Google product images showing a variety of retailers. 
Licensed foam puzzle mats for Kids Licensing, LLC. using their personal branded characters
Mixed media mouse ears for Kids Licensing, LLC to present to Disney.
Panda cupcake plush for Kids Licensing, LLC.
Unicorn light up plush for Kids Licensing, LLC.
Paw Patrol pajama bag for Kids Licensing, LLC
Snuggie Tails concept are from which I made the
prototypes used in the commercials and for manufacturing.
Finished product for sale.
Concept drawing from conversation with client.