Digital Design
Designs for ideas and concepts can be rendered for development, sales or manufacturing purposes.

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Original interpretations of “pre-school” DC and Marvel characters by Jennifer Ward.
Designed for light-up animated pillows(see Plush Toys for samples). Digital renderings for iStar Entertainment.
Original invention and design by Jennifer Ward. Printed fabric or paper bags for popcorn. Patent pending.
Crayon box graphics for
Concept art for Bears for Humanity outfit.

All intellectual properties owned by listed clients
or Jennifer Ward. All rights reserved.
Princess designs for Stretchkins spin-off line.
Plush sleepmat concepts for Leomax.
Plush sleepmat concepts for Leomax.
Designs for turned wood toys based on Cambridge Toy Company characters.
Pet bed presentation for Sleep Innovations meeting
with Bed Bath and Beyond.
Original concept and graphics for 2 sided origami that folds into 3 styles. By Jennifer Ward patent pending.
Graphics for printed charms.